Everything you need to know about working at SBLY.

As we grow SBLY, we realize more and more that the way we operate is different than a traditional company. Navigating life at SBLY can be unnerving at times because of how different some of our practices are. This handbook will serve as a written guide to what it is like to have a career at SBLY, and it will provide clarity and insight into everything you would want to know. As a company that prides itself on transparency, it's only fitting we openly share exactly what joining our company means.

Chapter 1: Who We Are

At our core, SBLY is a company that uses media and technology to build brands and audiences.

We started back in the fall of 2014. As two computer science students at UC Berkeley, we were fascinated by the power of social media and how seemingly easy it was to reach people all over the world. Our first brand, Shareably, started out as a media website that focused on sharing uplifting and positive news for the masses. It quickly became clear there was a strong appetite for this type of content, and Shareably grew exponentially. Over time, we built Shareably into the Shareably Media Network, a collection of 8 sites that cater to the middle-aged demographic. To date, we've reached over 1 billion unique users with our content, gained over 15 million followers on social media, and have profitably generated more than $75M in revenue.

Through Shareably, our belief in the power of social media was validated. In 2019, we created an e-commerce division and games division at SBLY. We believed both industries showed plenty of promise, and we would have a huge advantage in each space if we could leverage our organic audiences and social traffic.

Our first ecommerce brand, Dosaze, launched in 2020.

We've also created a few mobile game prototypes and we're looking to continue building more until we can find a product market fit. Here's a link to our latest prototype, Food Delivery Tycoon.

It's worth mentioning that SBLY is a private, bootstrapped company. We've taken no outside funding, and we have no plans on taking funding in the future. As a result, you'll find that we have the ability to operate differently than your traditional company, and that is intentional. We're full believers in controlling our own destiny and running a company where we optimize for our core values.

Chapter 2: Our Values